RG6 CATV FT-4 Cable

  • 18 AWG solid conductor
  • Dual shield 60% aluminum braid with 100% aluminum foil
  • PVC FT-4 jacket
  • Swept to 3000MHz -20ºC + 75ºC
  • ETL verified
  • Available in black or white



All of our SynCable boxes are REELEX® patented. REELEX® is a technological method of winding cable products on a specialized coiling machine. This specialized wind results in superior payout performance. It also helps dispense cable smoother to prevent twists, kinks, snags, and tangles. This makes the entire process of pulling wire much easier and seamless.



As with all of our products, our cable is riser (CMR) c(ETL)us Listed, RoHS Compliant and meets and/or exceeds industry standards so that you can rest assured you won’t be returning to a job site because of faulty cable.