Pass Through RJ45 Cat-6 Crimp Plugs 100/Jar

  • RJ45 ‘Pass-Thru’ 8P8C connectors
  • Category 6 performance by EIA / TIA B.2.
  • Offers rapid installation for data applications
  • Easily pass through the connector to visually ensure the wires are in the correct order for consistent and secure terminations
  • 50 µ on all contact surfaces
  • C(UL)US Certified
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The SynConnect Pass Through RJ45 Cat-6 Crimp Plugs has an open end at the front which allows cable wires to be easily fed through. This allows you to arrange the wires easily and visually confirm that the wiring is correct before crimping. Our Sync jars make it easy for installers to store their connectors quickly and efficiently.