Impedance Matching 75w Slider Volume Control

  • White 75w slider volume control
  • Wall mountable to any low voltage 1 gang plate
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The SyncSound™ SS-VC75I-S-W is a slider-type wall plate volume control for speaker systems with power ratings of up to 75 watts per channel and impedance ratings of 4-Inch 16 ohms. This slider control can be set to one of twelve positions including the minimum (off) and maximum volume settings. The wall plate mounts into a standard single-gang low-voltage wall bracket (sold separately) and has inputs and outputs for one pair of stereo speaker wires (4 input connections and 4 output connections). It can accept 14-16 gauge speaker wires and provides a frequency response range of 35 Hz-Inch 20 kHz (+0/-2db) at the full power rating of 75 watts per channel. Please note: This volume control does not include a wall mounting bracket.