6 Zone Low-Profile Speaker Selector w/ Impedance Protection Circuit

  • Simple to install and operate
  • 6-channel speaker selector
  • Protection circuit high power resistors: 2 x 10 Ohm/15 Watt per channel
  • Power handling with protection circuit ON: 70 Watts/CH. OFF: 140 Watts/ch.
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 433mm x 112mm x 49mm
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The SyncSound™ 6 Zone low-profile speaker selector w/ impedance protection circuit spreads your sound around your home or business with this 6-Channel speaker selector! This speaker selector allows you to connect up to six stereo speaker zones. Each zone can be individually toggled on or off with the front panel switch. Built-in impedance-matching circuitry ensures that the overall impedance level to the amplifier does not drop below 5 Ohms no matter how many speaker zones are selected or how many speakers are in each zone. The impedance-matching protection circuitry can be disabled using a front-panel button but this should only be done if there is another protection circuit employed or the system is carefully designed to avoid amplifier damage. The unit can handle up to 70 watts per channel with the protection circuitry enabled and up to 140watts per channel with the protection circuit disabled.

SS-S6-I Manual